About Us

Rental, excursions and sports on the Island of Elba

Experience 360 is a new initiative, a single facility offering numerous sports and leisure services to suit all types of customer.

More and more families have different needs: from the most adrenalin-pumping sport such as foil sailing or catamaran sailing, to a comfortable trip on a sailing boat or dinghy; and even children are now used to new stimuli to keep them from getting bored.
Experience 360 is the opportunity, for those who love adventure, to appreciate the beauty of the Island of Elba in an alternative way, accompanied by qualified instructors on excursions and sea trips, or on bike rides through the woods, renting all the necessary equipment for the various activities.

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Silvia and Marco, the owners of the centre, started with a sailing school in 1990, and have gradually added new activities offering a 360° service.

Today they are supported by a team of qualified instructors, available for the different activities proposed.