• Basic and advanced diving courses;
  • Guided dives along the coast of the Island of Elba and at the Pianosa Marine Park;
  • Underwater baptism from the beach and boat;
  • Snorkelling tours.

Our school boasts a large staff with over 20 years of experience in Italy and abroad who will accompany you professionally during your stay.

Learning to dive with our PADI and SNSI school is the best way to enjoy your stay with quality, comfort and safety!

From children to adults, our diving courses involve the whole family for an experience that is hard to forget and that you will easily continue with enthusiasm.

And if you want to discover what’s hidden under the blue mantle, the simplest and safest way to approach the underwater world is the Underwater Baptism: Diving is something that anyone can do safely and having fun, thanks to the experience of a qualified instructor who will accompany you hand in hand and without having to engage in any kind of course or technical preparation you too can try being a diver for a day!

The diving centre Stefano Sub is a Padi and Snsi certified diving centre operating in the tourist sector on the Island of Elba since 2000.

Phone and Whatsapp Stefano +39 380 5042063