Excursions to the Island of Elba

Adventure with Experience360 ​​on the Island of Elba

Discover Elba in new and exciting ways: from quiet sailing and dinghy trips, to E-bike, walking or kayak excursions, with a team of qualified instructors, Experience360 ​​offers a complete service to experience the Elba Island at 360 degrees.

Rediscover the Island of Elba on foot: excursions and trekking

The Island of Elba, with its over 300 km of walkable paths, represents the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation and sport as a destination for their holidays. Experience360 ​​offers a wide variety of walking itineraries, each with its own level of difficulty, designed to allow everyone to discover the wonders of the island.

A particularly fascinating route is that of the GTE, the great crossing of Elba which can be done comfortably in 3 stages

The paths of this island, whose difficulty varies considerably, make their way from sea level to the summit of Monte Capanne, surrounded by the rich and characteristic Elban flora, this panoramic point offers an incomparable view of the island.

Experience the adrenaline of E-Bike excursions on the Island of Elba

The Island of Elba not only offers trekking paths, but also perfect routes for e-bike explorations.

With Experience360 ​​professionals to guide you, you can feel safe exploring the island’s most adventurous routes.

From those covering the beautiful Costa dei Gabbiani to those passing close to the imposing Monte Capanne, each route promises a thrilling ride with breathtaking panoramic views.

Even the Mount of the Cross above Porto Azzurro offers a spectacular view that rewards every enterprising traveler after a challenging climb.

Additionally, Monte Calamita is recognized globally as the location of the Legend CUP, adding a dose of prestige to your cycling adventures.

Explore the crystalline seas of Elba with our kayak excursions

The kayak excursions on the Island of Elba, offered in collaboration with the “Tyrrhenos” team of professional guides, represent an exceptional opportunity to venture into an unforgettable exploration of the south-east coast of the island along the seagull coast.

During this experience, participants will be able to discover the history, culture and fascinating naturalistic peculiarities of the area, further enriching the experience thanks to the tales of legends and myths of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Experience360 ​​is committed to ensuring the safety of participants, providing all the equipment necessary to safely and comfortably undertake these exciting outdoor activities.

From the well-maintained kayaks to the safety devices, every element has been rigorously selected and checked to guarantee the peace of mind and enjoyment of the participants throughout the duration of the excursion.

Experience360: Your Partner for Excursions on the Island of Elba

Experience360 ​​represents the ideal partner to make the most of your adventure on the Island of Elba, offering a vast range of services and activities for every need and level of experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the fascinating Island of Elba and choose Experience360 ​​as your trusted partner to ensure a memorable and safe adventure in this extraordinary corner of Italian paradise.

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